I glanced sideways to the decal on the car window, “British by Birth; Welsh by the Grace of God”.  That about sums it up, as I limped back to my car. The Synvisc injection into the left knee had been painful. “I’m running into a lot of scar tissue, you should think of a total knee replacement”, my doctor commented.  To alleviate the pain, I concentrated of one of my favorite diving sites around the world. My breath was measured, eyes closed and suddenly I was there, emerging from the cave, looking up to the surface 60 feet above me. The number of fish that were swimming in this protected area, known to  divers as the “fishbowl”, was staggering. The color, size and variety of the fish kept  changing as they moved in and out of this bowl-shaped area.

The nurse applied a  band-aid to the spot she had just wiped with an alcohol swab. “How much time do I have?” I asked.  “I want to ride my bike across America”. The response clearly took him back.

“Why?”, he asked.

It was a question that anyone that wants to do something for the first time in their lives often gets. Rather than state my reasons, which were numerous, I decided for that one simple question in life,  there could be only one answer, “why not?”.